Thursday, June 28, 2012

Running - Just Keepin It Real

I had the great idea to run a 5K.
Those of you who know me can pick your jaws up off the floor...

I've been needing to do "something".
I never gained the Freshman 15,
but I got the I-stopped-nursing-my-second-child-and-didn't-stop-eating-everything-in-sight-15.

So tonight was the night.
I got my Couch to 5K app all ready on my iPhone,
put on my who knows how old sneakers because I never need actual athletic shoes for anything,
found my 15 year old sports bra,
and took off.

And the verdict is in...I still don't like running.
Am I seriously the only person on the planet who does not get energy from exercising?!
All I want to do is sit on the couch with my eyes closed...
not even sleep...
just sit...doing nothing.
Sleeping would actually be more productive...
but no...too tired for sleeping.

I've never liked running.
There's been a few times in my life that I've run.
Like in high school when they made me run the mile in gym class and my friend and I protested and walked half of it and finished in like 16 minutes.
No regrets.
And there was that semester in college when I would go to the fitness center on campus every day with my friend and run on a treadmill while watching reruns of Saved By The Bell.
There was that super cute guy that was there every day at the same time...
that was slightly motivating.
Again no regrets ;-)

So how do I motivate myself to get out there again?!
Like for no likey.
But I want the end result and I'm assuming that if I stick with it then it will get less horrible.
This is where my hubby would point out that I am a negative person and then I would say
"nuh uh...I'm just keepin it real"
(with my best thug face)

But for reals do I get back out there?
Yo quiero advice :-)

On an unrelated note...
this is a pic of my cute babies at the beach :-)


annie said...

When you figure it out, let Bruce and I know. :) We feel the same way! Props to you, though!! :)

Karin Tome said...

I've been meaning to comment on this. First, glad you wrote! I always like your posts :) Second, I'm really glad you are thinking about running!!

I can identify with what you wrote because I've never really considered myself a runner, and don't even like running. But here's what I love: i love completing a run. It's a high like no other. So now I have a sticker on my car that says "runner girl" and it really does describe me now. Plus, it's pink and cute.

Here's some advice and things I've learned along the way:

- Get some motivating quotes (Pinterest is great for this)

- Years ago I had a running partner and really hated running. I felt pressured to do it (granted, it made me run), but it was stressful. Once I started running alone, I wasn't worried about running too slow or anything. I just focused on going as far as I wanted and fast or as slow as I wanted, and the pressure went away.

- Walking is NOT bad! Your body needs to get used to this. Also, running is rough on your joints. Try running 3 minutes, walking 1 minute or Running 2 minutes, walking 30 seconds,,...anything like that. I find that if I can promise myself that I can walk VERY soon, I'll keep going out for the run. Eventually you can run farther without the frequent walk breaks.

- I consider every time I go out for a run, a success. How far, how fast are not part of the celebration. Reward yourself for doing it!

- Shoot for 30 minutes, 3 x week.

- buy cute shorts, shoes :)

That's all I have for now. You've inspired me to write a post of my own!! Let me know how it goes!