Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Jumping Doggie Friday!

Ok...I know I'm a little biased...but I've got cute kids!

And I'm blessed to have kids that like to laugh too!

About a month ago I posted a video of Ellie laughing at me basically pointing at her...not something that I thought was inherently funny...but she thought it was hilarious :-)

Not to be outdone by her little is a video of Anna when she was a wee little 6 month old rolly polly baby.

Hope it makes you smile :-)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Embrace the Camera - 9/29/11

Here's my favorite pic of the week with my girls.

We were checking out the fishies at Dixie Crossroads (my birthday dinner).
I can't think about Dixie Crossroads without thinking "corn fritters...yum!"
literally think that every time.

I mean...seriously...

Corn Fritters from Dixie Crossroads
Get in front of the camera and join us...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Crafty Birthday Party

I had the best birthday party EVER!

I really wanted to have a party where my friends could do something fun and take something home with them...kinda like a Build A Bear party...but for big people ;-)

My friend Andi had sent me this link and I was so inspired by the wreath that I decided to have a Crafty Birthday Party.  The base craft was the fabric flowers, but we made lots of different things out of them.

Ring - the inspiration link

Necklace - the inspiration link

Wreath - the inspiration link

Picture Frame - the inspiration link

Paper Mache Letter - the inspiration link

Here's a couple tutorials on how to make the fabric flowers
Emily's at The Anderson Crew - here
V and Co's - here

The only thing I would add to the tutorials would be: USE A LOW TEMP GLUE GUN!
About half the glue guns we used at the party were high temp and we learned pretty fast the difference between high and low temp, because you DO get glue on your fingers.  Low temp glue doesn't hurt.  High temp glue makes you squeal a little.

Ok...ready for some pics??? 

Here you go...

everyone working away

Before this party I owned no fabric.
I shopped the fabric scraps half price bins every time I went to a craft store for weeks.
And a couple of my friends brought their fabric too.

the messy supply table

I loved getting awkward candid pics of people working ;-)

Erin's concentration face
Diet Coke, outlets, and happy crafters!
Silly Jill :-)

my first fabric flower!


some of my flowers

Have you ever heard of Strawberry Cassata Cake?  My friend's mom use to make this fabulous cake for my birthday parties when I was little.  Apparently it's a Cleveland thing (where I grew up).  Who knew?!  Well, it's really yummy and Jill labored over it and we all uber-appreciated it!

The everyone-is-singing-and-looking-at-me-therefore-I-am-embarrassed look.

happy birthday to me
We left the cake to continue crafting and this is what we found a little while later.  How sad is that?!  It was still totally edible...hubby and I can testify to that ;-)

sad little strawberry cassata cake

Here comes the fun pics...everyone's finished projects!!

Janel's daughters were super jealous that Mom was going to a craft party without them ;-)

Kelly had her baby the very next day!!  Woohoo!!

Kristin was busy making all her fun fabric flower crafts

Rene made the green and orange frame specifically for her 3yo daughter (her favorite colors)...who ended up not caring about it at all.  {sigh} 3 year olds {shakes head}

Erin was cranking out the crafts.  She brought fabric that she used in her living her wreath matches her living room.  Great idea!

Andi is a fan of brown, blue, and white...can you tell??

Jill - the cake maker - also had fun making her crafts

Kim is a self-professed non-crafty person...but she still managed to bust out some fabric flowers and take some fabric home to work on later.

all my handiwork....SO.MUCH.FUN

still need to find a mantel...could you even imagine this fireplace any other color...ya me neither!


I wore my necklace the very next day :-)  And you don't even want to know how many tries it took to get this picture...goodness gracious!

Hope you're inspired to do a Crafty Birthday Party sometime!  I highly recommend it!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Worst Hidden Cell Phone Tower...EVER!

I was out driving around the other day and I was all "Oh no they didn't" when I saw this hidden cell phone tower on the side of the road.

It definitely wins the prize for "Worst Attempt to Hide a Cell Phone Tower."

The only person they are fooling with the "dead tree look" is the poor bird that built a nest in it.

See...they are everywhere!
Keep your eyes out and take a pic when you see one.
Leave a comment if you don't have my email to send the pic to me.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Zoo For My Birthday

I promised some zoo pictures...hope you're ready for LOTS of zoo pictures :-)

We went to the Brevard Zoo on my birthday last week.
Besides it being blazing hot...we had a great time.

The girls checking out the jaguar.

My Ellie LOVES animals. She was in heaven!

Pretty much all my pics are like this...the back of their heads.
They were too busy checking out the animals!


Feeding some birdies birdseed on a stick.

Come and get it birdies!

Feeding the other more colorful and more aggressive birdies.

Didn't get the birdies in the picture...but look at that baby saying "CHEESE!"

Here's my "keepin it real" picture.  I literally laughed out loud for like 5 minutes after seeing this picture.  Apparently I'm not a fan of birds sitting on my leg lol

"There's a bird on my leg...ahhh!"

So proud of my Anna wanting to hold the cup to feed the birdies all by herself.  We didn't get a pic of when the birds got a little too close and she threw the cup and screamed :-)

And we ended our zoo visit by trying out the wading pool...

It was such a fun day at the zoo with my family :-)

I got to celebrate with my girlfriends a few days later with a Craft Party at my house.
You'll see more about that later this week.  Here's a little teaser...

Friday, September 23, 2011


Sometimes I can make a decision so quick you get whip lash...

and sometimes I'm the person with 20 rolls of tulle on the floor of Hobby Lobby...

himming and hawing over the TOO.MANY.OPTIONS...

But when you've got a shopping buddy like this...who can complain??

Happy Friday!