Monday, January 23, 2012

Valentine's Cards!

So happy to have Anna's Valentine's cards done before we leave on our trip Wednesday.
More on that later.
I had lots of Pinterest inspiration for these...and I love how they came out.
I love the square retro feel and almost 3D effect of the picture.
And I especially love the cute little girl in the pic!

I used to edit the photo with the wording and hearts.
And I also used Instagram to edit the coloring.

And just for fun...I got little sister involved.
That scowl was about as good as I was going to get during our little photoshoot.
I have learned to take what I can get with little ones!

Hubby and I won't be here to celebrate Valentine's Day with our littles.
We will be in Europe!
Spain and Italy to be exact.
We are helping with a conference in Spain for about 10 days.
Then we are off to play in Italy for another 10 days or so.
We have some friends that live in Italy and we figured...the time is now!

I'm pretty excited.
Ok...I'm freaking excited.
I'm hoping to post the things I'm looking forward to seeing the most in Italy.
And then I hope I actually get to see them!

My in-laws will be holding down the fort with our littles.
We have great families who love spending time with our kiddos so we can travel the globe.
I don't expect opportunities to come up like this all the time...
so we're trying to take advantage while we can!

Buenos Noches Amigas.
Hasta Luego.

I like speaking my "broken-I learned in 4 years of spanish class in high school-I can only speak in present tense" Spanish around my hubby.
He doesn't know what I'm saying most of the time.
I find that amusing.
El Fin.



Caitlin said...

Cheryl! Those are so cute! And I am frustrated because I have requested an invite to Pinterest about 5 times and never get one. What gives?

Cheryl said...

Oh Caitlin...try again for an invite! You'll love it!